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I guess bugs should be in the ticketing system

Mulberry Support Index

This page is for tips and tricks with Mulberry and is editable to all to help provide full community support.

  • I saw Mulberry starts replies above the quotes. Can that be changed anywhere?
    Preferences -> Outgoing -> General -> Reply Prefix -> Caption
  • Kerberos - in order to use Kerberos IV or Kerberos V/GSSAPI you need to have the MIT Kerberos package installed on your system. To see whether you might need that run Mulberry and see if the Kerberos or GSSAPI plugins appear in the Authentication section of the About Plugins dialog - if not (and the plugins were indeed installed) then you need to install Kerberos itself.
  • GPG - how to get it running on various platforms.
  • WebCal/LDAP hints for web calendars like Google and