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    11'''Observations about installing v4.0.5 for linux:'''  
    3 If you see buttons and popups with no text, or if there are missing/mismatched tabs and sections in the preferences box, and if mulberry crashes when you click on the last tab in the preferences box, you probably untarred Mulberry somewhere besides your home directory. A hidden directory, .mulberry, and its initial contents are untarred along with the executable, and need to be in your user directory. The first time you run Mulberry, I think it looks for this and adds some more stuff to it. If the directory isn't already there, Mulberry creates it, but not all the files, plug-ins, etc., that it needs to run will be there, so things will be weird and unusable. If you untar in you home directory and run Mulberry once from there, I think you can then move the executable anywhere you want, and things will work fine.  (SuSE 9.3) 
     3There is an issue with Mulberry 4.0.5 and 4.0.6 that will cause invisible button titles and captions. This happens when you install mulberry to a central location such as /usr/local/lib/mulberry/ . 
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    7 #!html 
    8 <div style="position:absolute;left:-43210px;height:1px;"> 
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     5Mulberry can use all files from a central location except the Resources directory which is always looked for in $HOME/.mulberry/Resources . I suspect this is a  bug. As a workaround, you can either copy this directory from the central location to $HOME/.mulberry, or extract it from the tgz archive, or even symlink $HOME/.mulberry/Resources to the central location.