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distinguish between "support" and "work with"

Information about ISPs supporting IMAP

Almost every ISP will provide either POP3 or IMAP, and SMTP servers that will work with Mulberry if you set up your accounts right. IMAP offers more features than POP3, and Mulberry can use those features better than most email programs. Whether an ISP will be able to assist you in configuring and using Mulberry is a different question. Specific ISPs that are known to work with Mulberry are listed below, and ISPs that are known to not work with Mulberry are listed at the foot of this page.

ISPs that will offer help with Mulberry

ISPs with servers that work with Mulberry

I have used this for personal email and it worked well and was pretty reliable (Cyrus Daboo - in USA).
Norway-based e-mail provider using OSS server software that "lives and breathes email".
provides a premium-quality email hosting service to demanding customers for whom email is mission-critical. We focus on high reliability, advanced capabilities, and personal service.
offers only very limited imap capabilities. but a very high availibility and fast connection to the servers. (Christian from Germany)
I've used this for more than 2 years now. Highly reliable, very feature-rich. The anti-spam techniques are awesome.
Apple's .mac mail is just another IMAP server. Works great with Mulberry.
German E-Mail provider. Offers IMAP(S) for registered users.

ISPs that do not work with Mulberry