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ScheduleWorld LDAP Sync

  • Select File -> Preferences -> Accounts Pane
  • In the Account pop-up menu select New... and give it a reasonable name (SW-LDAP).
  • From the Account Type: pop-up menu select LDAP-Address Search -> OK.
  • Server is ''
  • In the Authenticate sub-pane select from the Method: pop-up menu Plain Text
  • In the User field enter 'uid=yyy,dc=scheduleworld,dc=com' where yyy is your user ID (the log-in number for scheduleworld)
  • You probably want to save User ID and Password, so check those boxes.
  • There is no security
  • From the options pane you might want to check the boxes for address expansion and search
  • From the Attributes 1 sub-pane enter in the Root: field 'uid=yyy,dc=scheduleworld,dc=com' (same as above)
  • remember to "Save Default" to fix your preferences so you don't have to do it again.

Google Calendar with gCalDaemon

The only method I've found to sync Google to Mulberry is through gCalDaemon

The trick is to use the offline file instructions: and have gCALDaemon write to Mulberry's default calendar file location.

Note that on Windows the Config Editor sets everything up for you except the password hash.

  • In mulberry's Calendar Manager create a hierarchy, for example "google" which will be at C:/Program%20Files/Mulberry/Calendars/google/
  • Run GCALDaemon's config editor
  • Set the Common options. I enabled everything but the Pop-up window, which bugs me personally.
  • You'll probably have to turn off the HTTP synchronizer (there's a bug in the ical naming convention that seems to keep this option from working, though it should be optimal as Mulberry can handle local cache and cache sync on its own.)
  • Turn on the "file synchronizer" option
  • I set "offline-enabled" mode
  • Add your google calendar(s) to the sync these calendars dialog.
  • The magic trick is to store the calendars in your Mulberry Calendars directory - in my install this is C:/Program%20Files/Mulberry/Calendars/google/mycal.ics
  • I turned off "feed converter"
  • Choose File->Save to save the config file to (probably) C:/Program%20Files/GCALDaemon/conf/gcal-daemon.cfg
  • Run the included app (with GCALDaemon) "Password Encoder" and convert your Google gmail password to a hash.
  • Open the config file in a text editor and replace the example hash with your password hash (at about line 75).
  • From the ../bin directory run standalone-start.bat and watch the ../Calendars folder - your mycal.ics files will appear there. Magic!
  • Restart mulberry and go to your local calendars, you should see the local calendars.
  • There's no dynamic sync on the mulberry side. Mulberry assumes it owns the files and doesn't look for local changes. Suboptimal, but it should be read/write and sync to Google. It's not a bad solution while we wait for scheduleworld to implement webdav write or for Mulberry to implement Google's XML put and get.

All-day events created in Mulberry do not seem to end up on Google calendar, but they are in the .ics file and are visible and persist after google sync (google doesn't kill them, just doesn't show them, it does show multi-day events... odd?) scheduled events work fine. If you modify the configuration using the Config Editor you'll have to paste in your google password hash again, it gets overwritten every time you save the config file from the editor.

If anyone has a step by step process for getting Mulberry to sync to Google calendar and/or, that'd be very helpful. When I try to sync calendars with scheduleworld's calendar I get the following error: Could not list calendars:Method PROPFIND is not defined in RFC 2068 and is not supported by the Servlet API, which is odd as this is apparently a CalDav? command (and this is a configured as a WebDav? server) and scheduleworld doesn't support it (per the admin).

Similarly, it would be cool to sync an address book with the gmail contact sync.