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ScheduleWorld LDAP Sync

  • Select File -> Preferences -> Accounts Pane
  • In the Account pop-up menu select New... and give it a reasonable name (SW-LDAP).
  • From the Account Type: pop-up menu select LDAP-Address Search -> OK.
  • Server is ''
  • In the Authenticate sub-pane select from the Method: pop-up menu Plain Text
  • In the User field enter 'uid=yyy,dc=scheduleworld,dc=com' where yyy is your user ID (the log-in number for scheduleworld)
  • You probably want to save User ID and Password, so check those boxes.
  • There is no security
  • From the options pane you might want to check the boxes for address expansion and search
  • From the Attributes 1 sub-pane enter in the Root: field 'uid=yyy,dc=scheduleworld,dc=com' (same as above)
  • remember to "Save Default" to fix your preferences so you don't have to do it again.

If anyone has a step by step process for getting Mulberry to sync to Google calendar and/or, that'd be very helpful. When I try to sync calendars with scheduleworld's calendar I get the following error: Could not list calendars:Method PROPFIND is not defined in RFC 2068 and is not supported by the Servlet API, which is odd as this is apparently a CalDav? command (and this is a configured as a WebDav? server) and scheduleworld doesn't support it (per the admin).

Similarly, it would be cool to sync an address book with the gmail contact sync.