To configure a calendar account for Apple's Calendar Server:

  1. Go to Mulberry's Account Preferences.
  2. Create a new "CalDAV Calendar" account.
  3. In the new account pane enter the server's hostname:port details.
  4. If using SSL, select SSLv3 from the Secure popup.
  5. Select Digest-MD5 authentication.
  6. Enter your calendar server user name.
  7. Click to the Options panel.
  8. Enter '/calendars/users/<<uid>>' into the Path field, using your user id for <<uid>>.
  9. Click OK to save preferences.
  10. Go to the Calendars pane in Mulberry - you should see a new row with the caldav account name.
  11. Click once on that and click the Login button.
  12. At that point Mulberry should list the available calendars in your account.
  13. Click on the "subscribe" button to the left of the "calendar" name to display the contents of that calendar.

That should be it. If you have problems, use the Mulberry discussion list to get help.

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