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    2727 * Full support for SSLv3 and STARTTLS for POP, IMAP and SMTP 
    2828 * The excellent configuration tool that was available up to version 4.0.4 is [ now available] for 4.0.5 or 4.0.6. The tool is great for customisation and enterprise deployment. 
    29  * Doesn't render graphical attachments inline :-) 
     29 * Doesn't render graphical attachments inline :-) (i.e. automatically avoids the insecurity of web beacons, doesn't waste bandwidth by default). 
     30 * Sensible support for multiple accounts, i.e. each account's login status is separate, so you are able to login to server A without logging into server B (try '''that''' in clients that only support a global online/offline mode). 
     31 * Summary view of message counts (total/new/recent) in mail folders (other clients with folder tree views only seem to display folder names, and (if you are lucky and you poll the folder) the number of new messages). 
     32 * Can provide an alternative to the three-pane view that seems to have become the default for email clients. 
     33 * Sensible support for navigating large folder hierarchies (try using the folder subscribe feature of other clients when you have more than 1000 IMAP folders). 
    3135== Disadvantages == 
    33  * Doesn't render graphical attachments inline 
     37 * Doesn't render graphical attachments inline (see above for why this is arguably an advantage). 
    3438 * Single-threaded (so you can't get on with writing an email while Mulberry is checking for new mail). 
    3539 * Keystrokes not configurable