Is it possible to sort mail so that the newest mail unseen mail is at one end of the list? I frequently leave mail marked "unread" for months - yes that is bad but unavoidable, sorry if it is yours, I will get to it - but typically the priority of the oldest unseen mail (left unseen as a default indicator that I have not dealt with it, but think I should sooner or later) is lower than the most recently arrived mail, most of which I will deal with more expediently. I've found Eudora/Thunderbird/Outlook?'s method of allowing me to sort mail so the most recently arrived "unseen" mail is at the bottom of my window, with increasingly older "unseen" mail scrolling up and out the top of the window into obscurity the most useful.

I can't seem to achieve this with Mulberry. Is there any way? If not, could a method be provided?

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