Google Calendar with CalDAV


  • A GMail/Google Account


In the Accounts preferences

  • Create a new CalDAV account called Google Calendar
  • Server:

Accounts -> Authenticate

  • Method: Plain Text
  • User: mulberry
  • Secure: SSLv3

Accounts -> Options

  • Path: /calendar/dav/

Now in the calendar pane a new hierarchy will be visible called Google Calendar and although the calendar in the web UI might be called ABC it will appear as events in Mulberry. Someone please explain that...

There will also be three folders (?) listed, inbox, outbox and user. Do not open them. They seem to be some recursive directory hierarchy which will take forever (maybe ten minutes depending on the computer and the internet connection) to open and they do not contain anything useful.

There is a problem with this solution. All previous events with an alarm set will generate an alarm. These alarm will popup every time you start Mulberry. Very annoying.

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