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CentOS 5 Build Notes

Build Prerequisites

Using "yum install" or your favorite package manager, the following packages need to be installed:

  • freetype-devel
  • gcc-c++
  • flex
  • libX11-devel
  • libXft-devel
  • libXext-devel
  • libXpm-devel
  • openssl-devel
  • openldap-devel
  • aspell-devel
  • esound-devel

Build Script

The following script can be used to check out and build Mulberry on CentOS 5.

Create a top-level empty directory to contain the build environment. On my system, I used /home/ken/devel/Mulberry. Place the patches below in this directory and edit the variable in the script to point to this directory.

# Empirically-determined set of commands to build Mulberry from svn
# checkout.
# Run from an empty directory that will be used as the build root

# quit the script if we get an error
set -e

# source of patches

# first check out main trunk
svn co

# Add svn:externals properties and update
svn propset svn:externals -F ${PATCH_DIR}/svn-externals trunk
svn up trunk

# Apply patches
patch trunk/Makefile-Linux < ${PATCH_DIR}/jxinit-patch.diff
patch trunk/Linux/Make.header < ${PATCH_DIR}/Linux-Make.header-patch.diff

# Add some symlinks to libraries
ln -sf trunk/JX JX
ln -sf trunk/Libraries Libraries
ln -sf trunk/Sources_Common Sources_Common

# Start "official" build
cd trunk
make -f Makefile-Linux jxinit
cd JX
make linux_intel
cd ../Linux
cd ../Build
make static