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#343 new Usability

Option to select a code page for saving messages

Reported by: ataegi Owned by: Cyrus Daboo
Priority: minor Milestone: unassigned
Component: Application Version: v4.0.8
Severity: Other Keywords: code page save message
Cc: Operating System: Mac OS X
OS Version: 10.5.8


When a message is saved UTF-16 Little-Endian without BOM seems to be used for the message body. The message headers in the same file are written using a single byte code page like 437, 850, 1252, etc.
I would prefer to save the message including the header using the code page 850, 1252 (=Latin 1 Windows) or 819 (=ISO Latin 1 =ISO 8859-1). Only if the message contains characters not representable in my prefered code page I would like to use UTF-8.

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