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Repeating calendar events: simple/advanced repeat interval views inconsistent

Reported by: aeadolf Owned by: Cyrus Daboo
Priority: minor Milestone: unassigned
Component: Application Version: v4.0.8
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Cc: Operating System: All
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When editing the repeat interval of a calendar event, the information shown in the simple and advanced repeat panes is not consistent. If the repeat scheme has been entered in one mode (simple or advanced), the respective other mode always indicates a repetition frequency of one year. This behaviour is consistent even across clicking "OK" and then reopening the event.

It looks like there are two totally independent repeat info data structures for simple and advanced mode which are never synchronised. I think there should be only one event repeat info structure which is rendered according to simple or advanced editing mode. When starting editing in simple mode, all the advanced mode fields which cannot be changed in simple mode should of course revert back to their default values.

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